*Pricing and Seasonal Menu Subject to Change. Please call 707-695-1414.
  1. Spaghetti with Meatballs
    Our slow cooked red gravy with 2 hand rolled house meatball
  2. Chicken Pesto Bowl
    Marinated chicken breast sliced, tossed in our pesto sauce
  3. Pesto Bowl
    Our Organic walnut pesto sauce over Spaghetti
  4. Cheese Ravioli
    Big super stuffed and tossed in our pesto sauce
  5. The Made Man
    The spaghetti pasta bowl with a slow cooked Italian sausage
  1. Grinder with fries
    Our hand rolled meatballs on a sweet French roll topped with provolone cheese
  2. The Boss with fries
    Center cut French roll meatballs and a Italian sausage topped with provolone
  3. Chicken Pesto Grinder with fries
    Marinated chicken breast, tossed our pesto sauce topped with provolone, arugula and tomato on a sweet French roll
  4. Polish Sausage with fries
    Huge all beef sausage topped with grilled pepper and onions
  5. Chicken Finger w/fries Basket
    Whole fresh chicken beast fried to order in our batter with choice of dipping sauce
  6. Meatball Factory Burger with fries
    6oz fresh beef patty with lettuce tomato onions and pickle
  1. Pear Walnut Gorgonzola Salad
    Baby organic greens, romaine hearts, dried cranberry dressed in a pomegranate raspberry vinaigrette
  2. Caesar
    Crispy romaine hearts tossed in our house dressing topped with aged parmesan and seasoned croutons
  3. Chicken Caesar
    All the goodness of our Caesar topped with a sliced marinated chicken breast
  4. *Meatball Chili Bowl w/Cornbread
    Cup of slow cooked black and kidney beans, Poblano peppers, Anaheim peppers in a zesty tomato sauce. Upgrade to a Bowl for $2 more.
  1. *48/96 fresh cut battered onion rings
    ST Florian’s 48/96 and our batter make an awesome combination
  2. *Fresh cut battered zucchini sticks
    Fresh Zucs our batter make another awesome combination
  3. Totchos
    Nacho cheese sauce topped with jalapenos, sour cream, more cheddar and avocado tomatillo salsa
  4. Garlic Fries
    Fresh garlic butter sauce our house garlic shake tossed and topped with Parmesan French Fries
  5. French Fries
    A classic you can't go wrong with.
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